Posted Date: July 23, 2013

The book is live

There are days when you’re writing a book on the side (or speaking, or consulting, or playing in a band) and it feels like an impossible journey. You have a full-time job. Family responsibilities. The burning desire to watch Mad Men. But you keep going: in the evenings, sometimes on weekends, even on your laptop before the client meeting.


And it gets done.


I’ve been working on Speaking on the Side for close to three years. Several times, I stopped for weeks or months because the rest of my life required  it. Several times, it was hard to see the finish line. I wrote the book everywhere: on a table outside the Rutgers Student Center in New Brunswick; in hotel rooms in Charlotte, San Diego, and Turks & Caicos; on a train to New York, mostly in my den at home.


And it got done.


There are many people to thank, most of whom you’ll meet in the pages of Speaking on the Side. They have a lot of great stuff to offer! Looking forward to hearing your feedback on both the book and the Speaking on the Side Toolkit.


If you’re not ready to buy, no problem–sign up for the free e-mail list and stay tuned for more tips and advice about speaking on the side.


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