Posted Date: March 27, 2014

Speaking on the Side Readers Must Get My Haircut

jeff greene speaker
That’s right. Following in the footsteps of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, I’m requiring all readers of Speaking on the Side to get their hair cut *exactly* as I do.

Since I’m a more benevolent dictator than Kim, after you’ve cut your hair and I’ve seen the clippings, you’ll enjoy a special $5 discount on a copy of my book. Here’s how it works:

Step One – Cut your hair exactly as I do.

Step Two – Feel yourself immediately transform into a successful presenter who intuitively knows how to get paid to speak.

Step Three – Visit the SHOPPING CART PAGE

Step Four – Enter code: 7M7RX32A at checkout

Thank you, citizen speakers. May endless gigs be yours.

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