Posted Date: September 30, 2013

No government? No problem

In a couple hours, the United States Government will be shut down.uncle

Some people are freaking out about this, and the stock market is down, although not terribly.

Fortunately, I’m quite calm. I just ate a delicious turkey wrap sandwich, which could be part of the reason. Or, it could be because I know that no matter what happens in Congress, whether my taxes or my healthcare premiums or my mutual funds go up or down, I have a side gig I can count on.

Do you?

It’s not that hard to get started. You can build a website cheaply and effectively. There are tons of resources available for part-time speakers, writers, consultants, and experts. And since you have a LinkedIn profile, you can probably dig through your network and find someone who will pay you a fee to do a sideline assignment or gig.

Washington is nice. I’ve visited a few times. But it’s not exactly a reliable source of extra income. Might be time to create one for yourself.

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