Posted Date: July 1, 2013

Don’t Wait For The Next Meteor

How long have you been thinking about other ways to earn your living? Hopefully not 104 years. That’s the last time a major space rock hit the Earth’s atmosphere, exploding like 1,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs and destroying millions of trees in the Siberian forest.
The meteor that crashed into Earth’s atmosphere above Russia yesterday didn’t cause quite the same damage, although the power of the blast was awesome:
I read a news story that said the Earth experiences a meteor hit with the strength of yesterday’s collision about once every five years. But, most of those are over the ocean, or the Arctic, so we rarely hear about them. This one woke us up.
There have been many wake-up calls in recent months. For me, Hurricane Sandy was by far the loudest. People at the Sharkey-Images: Shark River Hills &emdash; 130114A 4end of my street had water up to their roof lines. I saw a boat on someone’s deck. There was also a big sailboat perched in the middle of a grove of trees.
Other wake-up calls: the school shootings in Newtown, CT. The nuclear bomb test by North Korea last week. Scientific evidence that the polar ice sheets are melting. Even the Pope resigning–that hasn’t happened since the Middle Ages.
One of these things has to get under your skin, remind you of the frailty of our planet, our leaders, our psyches.
So what? Your time here is ticking. It doesn’t feel like that usually, because you’ve got your apps, your friends, your spouse/significant other, your annoying boss, your fantasy football league, etc. to keep you preoccupied.
But if you’ve been thinking about a new venture on the side, whether it’s speaking or publishing a book or starting a club or adding an expertise, DO IT NOW.
You’ve only got about five years until the next meteor.
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