Posted Date: July 1, 2013

Digital Marketer Wanted! (Required: Actual Marketing Skills)

Are you a digital marketer? You better be. I mean, if you want to get paid to speak.
What does it mean, “digital marketer”?
Well, it doesn’t mean a poseur. Anyone who rattles off words like “hashtags” and “click-thrus” without the faintest idea of why they’re important is going to be exposed at some point. (Hopefully, while he’s on stage, droning on in self-important fashion.)
Another thing I’m not talking about is a web designer. “I’m digital. I built a website!” That’s great, sweetie, but did anybody come for a visit?
No. When I say digital marketer, I mean a person who understands the whats, the whys, and especially the hows of getting people–the right people–to your website or social media site or mobile app or preferably, all of the above. And when they get there, those right people take action.They call you, or fill out your contact form, or view your webinar, or share your stuff on Twitter, or purchase your book.
It makes me cranky, crotchety, crazy when I hear the people who believe they are digital marketers, but who really aren’t. Hey, I’m not saying we all don’t have a lot to learn. Nobody knows it all, and I know this painfully well.
But …
It’s 2012. Your speaking success is going to be almost totally dependent on your ability to master the digital world. Before you hire a “web guy” or “social media chick” or “digital guru” to help you build your speaking practice (or any entrepreneurial enterprise you choose), please make sure that they:
– Have proven success getting websites to appear on Page One of Google search rankings, without paying for it or getting shut down
– Can name 5 vendors that run pay-per-click campaigns besides Google, and have run campaigns with all 5
– Know which digital marketing tactic is the most cost-effective, hands down (it’s not banner ads, that’s for sure)
– Can point to 2 specific case studies in which they used social media to land new business … and the new business was worth worth more than their fee
– Have their own Facebook company page with 100+ followers, Twitter profile with 500+ followers, LinkedIn profile with 500+ connections, etc.
And for Pete’s sake, make sure they know what a hashtag is.
Speaking On The Side, The Definitive Guide To Earning Money & Happiness Without Quitting Your Day Job, is coming in 2012 (or, as the gods would have it, in early 2013).
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