Get the Kindle edition – for free

Amazon speaking on the sideHappy holidays everyone. I uploaded a Kindle edition of Speaking on the Side, just in time for Cyber Monday. You can now download it FREE with the purchase of a print copy of the book:

Buy Speaking on the Side
and get the Kindle edition Free

If you already have a copy of the book, the Kindle version by itself is $3.97. I wanted to keep the cost low for people who are curious about creating a speaking practice, and for road warriors who’d like to review book content on a plane or in the airport.

Like any business book, Speaking on the Side can actually make a good corporate gift. You can:

  • Give away the print edition and keep the Kindle for yourself
  • Bundle it with other business and marketing books, like Marketing for Dummies and Choose Yourself
  • Use it as a grab bag gift
  • Get an autographed copy (Send me a note – I’d be flattered to sign and mail you one. Shipping’s on me.)

Enjoy it!

Speaking on the Side Readers Must Get My Haircut

jeff greene speaker
That’s right. Following in the footsteps of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, I’m requiring all readers of Speaking on the Side to get their hair cut *exactly* as I do.

Since I’m a more benevolent dictator than Kim, after you’ve cut your hair and I’ve seen the clippings, you’ll enjoy a special $5 discount on a copy of my book. Here’s how it works:

Step One – Cut your hair exactly as I do.

Step Two – Feel yourself immediately transform into a successful presenter who intuitively knows how to get paid to speak.

Step Three – Visit the SHOPPING CART PAGE

Step Four – Enter code: 7M7RX32A at checkout

Thank you, citizen speakers. May endless gigs be yours.


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