Posted Date: July 1, 2013

7 Principles For Living After The World Ends

Sometimes, it’s hard finding “true north” among the anxious, stressful, ridiculous, heartbreaking, awful moments of everyday life.
Work gets you stressed. Your boss says something annoying. A relative lets you down. You don’t feel good. Then you turn on the news, or scroll through Facebook, and see photos of Sandy Hook Elementary School. The remains of homes and businesses at the Jersey Shore. War-torn Syria.
When I look back at those tough moments from the past year, though, so many good things come into my view. I’m in the final stages of writing my first book. My children are safe; so is my home. I’ve spent a lot of time with friends and loved ones, including some that I rarely get to see. I’ve traveled, read, learned, volunteered, invested in my health and well-being.
These have all outweighed the stresses, headaches, anxiety, and even the tears I’ve experienced in 2012. But I know that’s not always the case. If your home is in Ortley Beach, NJ, or perhaps Newtown, CT, 2012 may be a wound that you spend the rest of your life trying to heal.Mayan Calendar

So, how do we continue a struggle that so often seems to turn on a random event? An unfortunate bit of timing? A bad day?
I think that the Mayans may have actually known what they were talking about. Their prophecy was accurate. Yesterday, our world did end. Just as it ends every night, when consciousness fades and our thoughts dissipate into dreams. Today, we wake up with the pain of the past, but also the energy to create something new in our lives.
How do you do it, then? What principles do you follow when you wake up each day in a new world? I think it’s an exercise each of us should go through every year. And what better time than on the Winter Solstice, the day of least light, when the Mayans knew “true north” would be hardest to see.
These are the principles I came up with:
1 – Don’t Be Mean
2 – If You Are Mean, Apologize
3 – Always Give Back
4 – Be Thankful For What You Have, Especially Your Loved Ones
5 – Be As Honest As You Can, Without Being Hurtful
6 – Respect The World
7 – Believe In Your Dreams
I hope you give some thought into creating your own principles, for this coming year and all the rest. Peace and happiness for the new year.
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