Posted Date: July 1, 2013

5 Ways Public Speaking Is Like Bacon

Ever since Hotmail debuted the concept of viral marketing in 1996 with its tell-a-friend promotion, marketers have pined for viral success. Twelve years later, we’re still chasing that brass ring: posting YouTube videos, designing memes, scrounging for likes. But maybe we needn’t try so hard.
Just look at bacon. The humble breakfast meat is not only delicious, it’s high in protein. And sometime around December 2010, according to Google Trends, people started searching for it. A lot.
Sorry, Joe.

By the time news broke in the fall of 2012 about a possible global bacon shortage, the sizzling sustenance was on its way to viral fame. Think of your Facebook news feed. Seen any bacon-themed posts lately? Of course you have. Heck, “bacon” has more than 5 million likes on Facebook. (For contrast, our vice president, Joe Biden, has less than 600,000 likes. Sorry, Joe.)
The point is, even if you’re a phenomenal speaker, you’re probably not going to create a viral idea. But you can tap into existing viral ideas. How? Like I did with this post. Find topics that are trending on Google, or Twitter, or YouTube, or Huffington Post, or Reddit, or Yahoo. Then create content that connects them with your area of expertise. Some topics to consider:

  • Bacon. Obviously.
  • Sports gaffes. From fake girlfriends to incendiary tweets, the exploits of athletes are nearly always going viral.
  • Celebrity stumbles. See above. Isn’t there some piece of solace you could offer Lindsay Lohan?
  • Animals, especially in the wild. Acrobatic cats got most of the bandwidth, until a cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo a couple years ago and that’s all we could talk about.
  • Honey Boo Boo. Powerful, yes, but if you go the reality-show route don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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