Posted Date: July 1, 2013

14 Things Non-Successful People Do On Weekends

There was an article on recently that irked me. “14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends” aimed to share some of the personal habits that successful business executives follow on Saturdays and Sundays.
Some of the 14 things were obvious: Make time for family and friends. Socialize. Exercise. Recharge. Really? Thank goodness I read Forbes. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known to recharge on the weekends.
Worse, a few of the 14 things were rather assumptive: Take a vacation? Avoid chores? I guess successful people can escape to their villas for the weekend and let the maid do the dishes. How is this helpful to us non-successful folk?Image
That’s why I decided to create a more effective list for people like you and me. While on the path to success, feel free to engage in these 14 more appropriate weekend activities:
1. Sleep as late as possible. Come on, you need it. You’re exhausted, I can tell.
2. Zone out and do nothing. This activity is probably not on the list of Spencer Rascoff, the 37-year-old Harvard grad, father of three, and CEO who was interviewed in the Forbes article. He’s totally missing out.
3. Go shopping. Successful people do not go shopping on the weekends. They are too busy “pursuing a passion” like earning their MFA and writing poetry. (Actual example from the article–not sarcasm.) Next weekend, when you have nothing to eat and your kids are circling the refrigerator, explain to them that the written word should be nourishment enough.
4. Work on your book/speaking practice/coaching business. On the other hand, the weekends do offer a good opportunity to develop your side business, whatever it might be. I’ve crafted many presentations and I’ve written a lot of Speaking On The Side on Saturdays and Sundays.
5. Watch TV or Netflix. I’m not a big TV watcher, but I do enjoy watching sports on the weekends and a good movie on Friday or Saturday nights.
6. Play with your kids. Which is different from schlepping them to back-to-back classes, events, and planned activities. I’m far from the perfect parent but I know how important it is to just play. My kids and I play board games and cards. We like Scrabble, even though one of the Rs is missing. I bought Pay Day (remember that?) and my oldest daughter decided we would play a “speed round,” which was ridiculous but we laughed the whole time. She beat me by $80,000 or something crazy like that.
7. Fix the screen door/leaky faucet/broken tile. Because if not on the weekend, when else are you going to do it?
8. Play on Facebook. The Forbes article says successful people “unplug” on the weekends. I think that’s a very good suggestion, although easier said than done. A better suggestion: Catch up on your social media. You know you’re going to do it anyway; might as well do it on the weekend when it won’t interfere with your job.
9. Volunteer. This was my favorite “thing” on the Forbes list and it’s on my list too. When I can, I volunteer at a soup kitchen on Saturday mornings. Your troubles seem much less significant when you’re serving those less fortunate than you.
10. Pay your bills. You can also do this at lunch during the week but then you might not have your checkbook, stamps, envelopes, etc.
11. Clean your messy house/apartment. I know several people that I would consider successful who clean their place first thing Saturday morning. When you come home on a Wednesday night, hungry and tired, you’re not first starting to mop, are you?
12. Take a walk with your spouse/significant other. Yes, exercise is good, but it’s very goal-oriented. People used to take walks around their neighborhood or their city, just to do it. A weekend walk is one of the best ways to honor the break between our weekly regimes.
13. Read. Paperback, Kindle, iPad, newspaper. It’s all good. Add some hot cocoa and a strategically placed pet (or offspring) on the couch next to you and that’s just about the perfect weekend in my book.
14. Dream. “Dreams, if they’re any good, are always a little bit crazy.” – Ray Charles
What will you do with your next weekend?
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